About Me

2014 NV Ball- Sirinda Foxtrot Swivel

I live in Los Angeles with my husband, a Guide Dogs of America puppy in training, and a duo of cats.  When I’m not baking, I like to spend my time ballroom dancing (American Smooth style), catching some magic shows at the Magic Castle, teaching myself (rather slowly) to play 80’s hits and hard rock on the ukulele, learning various crafts (amigurumi, sewing, quilting, beading, jewelry making, origami, etc.), reading historical fiction, and exploring new restaurants and foods.

I love to eat food, make food, talk about food, think about food, recommend food, and everything else in between.  Sweets are my weakness, and more often than not, some baked good is emerging from my oven.  Sometimes all you need is a good cookie or piece of cake and a moment to relax before tackling the next thing in life.


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3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for awesome tutorial on how to make hair jewelry for ballroom dancing.
    Can you please share where you buy the powernet fabric? Having a hard time finding a source. Thanks so much!!


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