Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies with M&M Minis

I’m just passing along a quick public service announcement about the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever.   I blogged about this recipe a while ago but recently made a batch with M&M minis (sometimes called baking M&Ms) instead of chocolate chips.  If you need a little reminder about the brilliance of these cookies, just know that the oatmeal provides a hearty, chewy texture, but the cookies are also balanced out by crispy edges. The recipe is really easy to make (without using any “fancy” equipment), and the cookies bake up quickly (and make a big batch).  Using mini M&Ms (instead of chocolate chips) added the perfect amount of crunch and pop of fun color to these cookies.  You should bake these…now… Here’s the link.  No excuses… Don’t tell me that you can’t find the link to the recipe.


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