A Pie-Cake Sighting

Pie-Cake- Republic of Pie 2a

For a while now, the existence of the famed turducken of desserts, the Pie-Cake, has captured my curiosity, but I wasn’t sure that I would ever come face to face with it.  Well, thanks to Republic of Pie (http://republicofpie.com/), that is to be no more.  I had my first taste of their three pies (cherry, pumpkin, and apple) baked in a vanilla cake (they call it the “Triple Threat Pie Cake”).  While it wasn’t THE BEST thing I’ve ever eaten, it was good. The vanilla cake was a little dry on the outside but tasty enough to inspire me to put a vanilla cake recipe on my must-bake list.  The pies tasted how pies normally taste when not baked in a cake.  I didn’t eat much of the pumpkin pie as I’m not a pumpkin pie fan.  Overall, it was an experience to be had and probably not repeated as the Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding Pie at Republic of Pie is calling my name.

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